The Buckeye Lake Winery

The winery of Buckeye Lake is dedicated to the production of quality wines. Their red wines are deliberately picked from California vineyards. Their white wines would finally be grown and produced by the ranch. They aim to make an environment of leisure and enjoyment in the Buckeye Lake waters. To unwind and admire the lake view, we invite you to visit our destination winery.

So the owners were always excited about healthy food and fine wine. They wanted to change gears to turn their love for eating delicacies and liquor into a legacy for their families after spending over 20 years in Corporate America. By taking home the so-called Napa Valley experience and building an environment of fun and leisure on the waters of Buckeye Lake, Buckeye Lake Winery is dedicated to making great wine.

In the Napa Valley, in the Russian River Valley, in Sonoma, and Lodi districts, they deal directly with farmers. Every fall, they fly to California to analyze grapes and decide the harvesting time, plan and assist the harvest, lease the space at the custom crush facility, ferment grapes, and to coordinate logistics to return to young and raw wine to their aging, their blending, and also bottling facilities. 

Since they start with the vine, they are hands-on from the beginning up to the end guarantees a consistent Napa wine. They are also rising and buying locally to manufacture on-site a delicious Ohio style of wine. This has been witnessed by Geoffry from Plasterer Sydney. He swore to me it was one of the best wines he’s ever had.

Buckeye Lake Winery’s goal is to craft a relaxed yet sophisticated restaurant and also winery which mixes essential foods with outstanding wines. The dream is always to create a marvellous destination with stunning scenery, convenient food, and fine wine, whether it’s a relaxed dinner and even on a special occasion.

The wines

Sweet White Wine: Crafted and bottled Ohio wine at the Buckeye Lake Winery. In stainless containers, the wine is matured and has traces of honey, orange, and peach.

Sauvignon Blanc: Vivid floral notes of honeysuckle, tropical berries, and a crisp feel.

  • Lake View White Dry White Wine: A release blend of the wine Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay is the winemaker’s range and is tidy, fruity flavour.
  • Pinot Grigio: This wine is placed and aged in tanks made of stainless steel. This liquor rich in minerals. It has the fragrance of honeysuckle and also pear.
  • Chardonnay American: Clean and vivid with traces of toasted oak, green apple vanilla, and pears, this wine is matured in barrels for ten months.
  • Lake View Red Dry red wine: A limited blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petite Sirah is the winemaker’s range, and it has a smooth finish.
  • Zinfandel: The wine is made from grapes from vines that are 100 years old and is matured in barrels for about 18 months. With a velvet finish, it is jam-like and also spicy.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon from Lodi, California: This wine is fermented for 18 months in barrels and has traces of black cherry, blackberry, and soft-finished oak.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: The wine is aged in barrels made of oak for almost 18 months and has a rich, definite black cherry taste and a touch of dark tobacco and chocolate.
  • Dessert Wine: Has a mix of luxury brandy and the Zinfandel brand wine.

The Wine Club

As a participant, in January, April, July, and October, you can receive four shipments of three bottles of wine every year, billed and shipped quarterly. If appropriate, the estimated freight value stars $79 up to $99 plus delivery fees.

  • 10% off each visit
  • 10 per cent off wine offerings per fifth
  • Capable of making reservations when we first come during high seasons, sitting
  • Exclusive case invites
  • 10% off on non-wine club activities or workshops
  • 10% off online purchases
  • Discount in event renting room
  • Progressive offer on discount on wine bottles ‘to go.’

The Membership

They use your existing credit card with an expiry date available in the current year on each quarter’s shipping. Before any actual shipment, the credit card on the file would be billed. Any year that we are notified, you are automatically re-enrolled. A gift in memberships is only available for a year. You can opt to have your wine picked up, or they can mail it. The shipping of wine amounted to $20, and they only ship within the vicinity of Ohio.


Buckeye Lake for your Summer Escapades

Buckeye Lake’s transition from a marsh to a reservoir began with the construction of canals during the 1800s. The pool was formally renamed Buckeye Lake. It was called a public park in 1894.

The lake also had an amusement park and is open until the years of 1970s. The park drew thousands of visitors a day at the height of its success, and famous performers. While the theme park has torn down, it has not been forgotten by the local population.

Buckeye Lake today is a combination of holiday rentals, providing people with a peaceful vibe providing people with the chance to avoid the busy city. Small islands also surround the bay, where most houses private homes, while some are open for the public. 

Buckeye Lake has a lot to bring to locals, from restaurants up to the boat rentals and neighbourhood events. On the 4th of July, the main celebration takes place. Boat Parade becomes the holiday’s highlight, with floats joining in the festival.

Indulge yourself with good food

On November 1, 1930, Weldon’s Ice Cream Parlor was created, and it has since become a place to go to in the Buckeye Lake Region. 

Buckeye Lake Pizza Cottage becomes one of the most popular sites. This Pizza Cottage maintains its presumptuous menu, even though it is currently under new ownership.

At Buckeye Lake Winery, an unforgettable experience is waiting for you. The winery begins its operation in 2013 to take Napa Valley to Ohio. They also offer a menu, aside from their wines, that will impress and delight clients.

Buckeye Lake Brewery, which introduces crafting of beer to the area, opened back in 2012. The brewery makes various beers, with Shovelhead 2xIPA and Hennosy’s Irish Red.

Laid Back Saloon is one of the best spots for mates to get a beer. The environment is vibrant and enjoyable, accompanied by live music every weekend. Make sure to try out the bike nights in the Laid Back Saloon if you’re planning on taking your motorcycle out to the pool!

Activities in Buckeye

While Buckeye Lake Yacht Club still has not been open for the public, to become a member, you don’t have to be living near the area of the lake. There are many facilities at the club, including a swimming pool, a clubhouse, and the sailing teams. Several activities are held during the year with the Boat Show being one of the most famous shows in the area.

Park your car or boat and make your way to Papa Boos. The vibe of the beach bar makes the place the best spot to get a beer. At Buckeye Lake, the bar is open to both tourists and locals.

There are several facilities and events for the KOA in Buckeye Lake that will attract campers. Activities may include crafts, the fire truck trips on our antique fire trucks, the ice cream socials, Saturdays and Sunday morning brunch, and selected weekends with music and dancing. The KOA is a brief walk from the shore, and there are coordinated activities for swimming and also boating available.


Best Restaurants to Grab a Bite in Buckeye Lake

We found some of the best restaurants for you to dine in during your visit to Buckeye Lake. 

Buckeye Lake Brewery

A taproom on the lakeside with its style. The area is unbelievably different from any brewery in the area, and it’s truly impossible to imagine you’re just 30 minutes away from the urban area. It has the laid back look of a retro lake house, and it’s the sort of spot you might probably spend a lot of time bonding with your friends or family. Even the drinks are of top quality. 

For eight years, Rich Hennesy is crafting good liquors in the restaurant, and there’s an explanation of why this spot is trapped. They offer a large selection of specialty brews. You are going to get hungry with all the beer drinking! Recently, Buckeye Lake Brewery extended its guest room and added the Chef Shack, where you can catch some grub.

Pizza Cottage

This pizza restaurant in Buckeye Lake, OH, has been the perfect spot to sink your teeth into those tangy and wonderful pies for many years. They created a delicious recipe for a sauce that makes every pizza a winner. Combine it with their homemade crusts and new toppings, and you have a smash hit. They have you covered, whether you like your basic, or with the works. 

You can create your pizza with almost 20 different toppings just the way you like or try one of our many signature products for a more adventurous dinner, including their only choices of Loaded Baked Potato, All The Way, Whole Hog, Spicy Thai Chicken, or the BLT.

Dragon Village

The Buckeye Lake Dragon Village is located in the state of Licking County in Ohio. It is a Chinese restaurant that provides guests with high-quality cuisine. It is situated on Hebron Road, and 11097 is the street number. The phone number is (740) 928-6800 to connect or order something from the venue. From their website, you can get more information. T

Chef Shack

Buckeye Lake’s Chef Shack is one of our favourite locations on the lake to feast. You can’t cruise up the dockside to eat, unlike many other places, but with their spice flare they more than a cover for it. A famous Buckeye Lake eatery has been developed once again by Kevin and Jennifer Gorham. “It certainly lives up to their motto of “Easy food cooked skillfully. The rotation of menu items is another great thing I like about Chef Shack. It may be crab cakes one day, which are excellent, and it may be shrimp cocktail or Coney dogs for another day.

Donatos Pizza

Donatos is a family-owned pizza company that is known for its Edge to Edge toppings on a thin, crispy golden crust. It was founded in 1963 in Columbus, Ohio. For a low price, they serve Italian food to customers. They also offer charity some of their benefit profits as that is the aim of their business. That is to give back to the community they serve.

The Boatyard at Buckeye Lake

The fun starts at The Boatyard at Buckeye Lake’ this summer. For seasonal leasing, they have approximately 60 docks open. The new “Dips on the Lake” ice cream store, modelled after the roller coaster at the former Buckeye Lake Amusement Park, is part of the Boatyard facility. They can serve all the flavours of Johnson’s Ice Cream and sorbet. It is likely to be a famous stop atop the new dam along the new boardwalk.


The most popular food chain is also present in Buckeye Lake. They serve their famous regular menus to customers. Here you can dine in with your family and friends while enjoying the scenic view of the Buckeye Lake.


Aside from McDonald’s, another famous restaurant in Buckeye Lake is Wendy’s. Swing by at Wendy’s in Buckeye Lake, OH at 10281 Hebron Rd. And don’t forget to download their restaurant application to avail their exclusive offers.


Activities to Enjoy on your Buckeye Lake Visit

If you spend a day a weekend or want to live on the waterside of Central Ohio’s Buckeye Lake, you will eventually find life very unique. There is a revival in Buckeye Lake, and the vibrant business community is rich in knowledge and scope. Here are the activities that you can do during your visit to Buckeye Lake.

Hebron State Fish Hatchery

The Administration/Education Building offers self-guided tours and trail charts. Often they are located near the sign on the map. According to its parts: “This facility of 230 acres was bought into the United States. In 1982, the Fish and Wildlife Agency. 

You can go to 63 pounds in the wetlands with an area of 25 acres, 50 forested acres with 2.5 miles of nature trails in this hatchery. Water is delivered via a 1.5-mile portion in Ohio Erie Canal through Buckeye Lake (5,000 gallons per minute capacity). 

During daytime hours, it is open for the whole year. The area of the wetland is locked during fall due to the Youth Waterfowl Hunt event on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Dates differ, and there are signs posted.

Buckeye Lake Winery

Buckeye Lake Winery provides a full-service restaurant with outdoor and indoor dining and tasty food, situated on the southern banks of Buckeye Lake. By taking the Napa Valley experience home and building fun, they are committed to making great wine.

Tours in groups are welcome. For celebrations, marriages, and special occasions, this place is ideal. When you host your rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception, and on the shores of gorgeous Buckeye Lake, will amaze your guests!

Buckeye Lake State Park

In the rebirth of Buckeye Lake State Park, the State of Ohio’s Oldest State Park, the substantial work of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources was instrumental. A big part of what makes it so great here is life on the sea. Enjoy watersports of all sorts – at nine public boat ramps, fire your boat. The lake is designated as an infinite horsepower lake, but having ships of all sizes on the water is expected. Take your sailboat, pontoon, kayak, or canoe out there.

Millersport Sweet Corn Festival

Established to mark the end of summer at Buckeye Lake, the Millersport Sweet Corn Festival has been a tradition in Fairfield County since the mid-1940s. Taste sweet corn flavoured with hot butter served fresh on the cob and piping hot. Bring the entire family to enjoy a wide range of tasty treats, a giant midway with lots of swings, tractor pulls, square dancing, galore tournaments, farm animals, historical exhibitions, and top-name entertainers of country music while strolling the Historic Lions Park’s shady hills.

National Heisey Glass Museum

Managed and run by Heisey Collectors of America, Inc., the museum represents hundreds of people’s knowledge and commitment. In the historic King Building, two complete galleries and six rooms display more than 4,500 glassware pieces. Included are moulds, glassmaking materials, etching plates, and factory designs and samples. Displays are arranged to facilitate contrast and increase the comprehension of Heisey patterns and colours by travellers.

Spacer, The charm of glassware from Heisey, appeals to tourists of all kinds. All will love a visit to the Heisey National Glass Museum, and it is a must for beginner collectors and experts alike.

Buckeye Lake Yacht Club

Initially designed in 1913, one of the most historic and famous structures in the Buckeye Lake Area is the BLYC Clubhouse. The Victorian-style house preserves its old-school elegance while supplying the Club’s members and visitors with many new amenities; OK dining rooms, a vast stone fireplace, lounge rooms, and a large front porch with panoramic Buckeye Lake views.