Buckeye Lake for your Summer Escapades

Buckeye Lake’s transition from a marsh to a reservoir began with the construction of canals during the 1800s. The pool was formally renamed Buckeye Lake. It was called a public park in 1894.

The lake also had an amusement park and is open until the years of 1970s. The park drew thousands of visitors a day at the height of its success, and famous performers. While the theme park has torn down, it has not been forgotten by the local population.

Buckeye Lake today is a combination of holiday rentals, providing people with a peaceful vibe providing people with the chance to avoid the busy city. Small islands also surround the bay, where most houses private homes, while some are open for the public. 

Buckeye Lake has a lot to bring to locals, from restaurants up to the boat rentals and neighbourhood events. On the 4th of July, the main celebration takes place. Boat Parade becomes the holiday’s highlight, with floats joining in the festival.

Indulge yourself with good food

On November 1, 1930, Weldon’s Ice Cream Parlor was created, and it has since become a place to go to in the Buckeye Lake Region. 

Buckeye Lake Pizza Cottage becomes one of the most popular sites. This Pizza Cottage maintains its presumptuous menu, even though it is currently under new ownership.

At Buckeye Lake Winery, an unforgettable experience is waiting for you. The winery begins its operation in 2013 to take Napa Valley to Ohio. They also offer a menu, aside from their wines, that will impress and delight clients.

Buckeye Lake Brewery, which introduces crafting of beer to the area, opened back in 2012. The brewery makes various beers, with Shovelhead 2xIPA and Hennosy’s Irish Red.

Laid Back Saloon is one of the best spots for mates to get a beer. The environment is vibrant and enjoyable, accompanied by live music every weekend. Make sure to try out the bike nights in the Laid Back Saloon if you’re planning on taking your motorcycle out to the pool!

Activities in Buckeye

While Buckeye Lake Yacht Club still has not been open for the public, to become a member, you don’t have to be living near the area of the lake. There are many facilities at the club, including a swimming pool, a clubhouse, and the sailing teams. Several activities are held during the year with the Boat Show being one of the most famous shows in the area.

Park your car or boat and make your way to Papa Boos. The vibe of the beach bar makes the place the best spot to get a beer. At Buckeye Lake, the bar is open to both tourists and locals.

There are several facilities and events for the KOA in Buckeye Lake that will attract campers. Activities may include crafts, the fire truck trips on our antique fire trucks, the ice cream socials, Saturdays and Sunday morning brunch, and selected weekends with music and dancing. The KOA is a brief walk from the shore, and there are coordinated activities for swimming and also boating available.