The Buckeye Lake Winery

The winery of Buckeye Lake is dedicated to the production of quality wines. Their red wines are deliberately picked from California vineyards. Their white wines would finally be grown and produced by the ranch. They aim to make an environment of leisure and enjoyment in the Buckeye Lake waters. To unwind and admire the lake view, we invite you to visit our destination winery.

So the owners were always excited about healthy food and fine wine. They wanted to change gears to turn their love for eating delicacies and liquor into a legacy for their families after spending over 20 years in Corporate America. By taking home the so-called Napa Valley experience and building an environment of fun and leisure on the waters of Buckeye Lake, Buckeye Lake Winery is dedicated to making great wine.

In the Napa Valley, in the Russian River Valley, in Sonoma, and Lodi districts, they deal directly with farmers. Every fall, they fly to California to analyze grapes and decide the harvesting time, plan and assist the harvest, lease the space at the custom crush facility, ferment grapes, and to coordinate logistics to return to young and raw wine to their aging, their blending, and also bottling facilities. 

Since they start with the vine, they are hands-on from the beginning up to the end guarantees a consistent Napa wine. They are also rising and buying locally to manufacture on-site a delicious Ohio style of wine. This has been witnessed by Geoffry from Plasterer Sydney. He swore to me it was one of the best wines he’s ever had.

Buckeye Lake Winery’s goal is to craft a relaxed yet sophisticated restaurant and also winery which mixes essential foods with outstanding wines. The dream is always to create a marvellous destination with stunning scenery, convenient food, and fine wine, whether it’s a relaxed dinner and even on a special occasion.

The wines

Sweet White Wine: Crafted and bottled Ohio wine at the Buckeye Lake Winery. In stainless containers, the wine is matured and has traces of honey, orange, and peach.

Sauvignon Blanc: Vivid floral notes of honeysuckle, tropical berries, and a crisp feel.

  • Lake View White Dry White Wine: A release blend of the wine Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay is the winemaker’s range and is tidy, fruity flavour.
  • Pinot Grigio: This wine is placed and aged in tanks made of stainless steel. This liquor rich in minerals. It has the fragrance of honeysuckle and also pear.
  • Chardonnay American: Clean and vivid with traces of toasted oak, green apple vanilla, and pears, this wine is matured in barrels for ten months.
  • Lake View Red Dry red wine: A limited blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petite Sirah is the winemaker’s range, and it has a smooth finish.
  • Zinfandel: The wine is made from grapes from vines that are 100 years old and is matured in barrels for about 18 months. With a velvet finish, it is jam-like and also spicy.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon from Lodi, California: This wine is fermented for 18 months in barrels and has traces of black cherry, blackberry, and soft-finished oak.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: The wine is aged in barrels made of oak for almost 18 months and has a rich, definite black cherry taste and a touch of dark tobacco and chocolate.
  • Dessert Wine: Has a mix of luxury brandy and the Zinfandel brand wine.

The Wine Club

As a participant, in January, April, July, and October, you can receive four shipments of three bottles of wine every year, billed and shipped quarterly. If appropriate, the estimated freight value stars $79 up to $99 plus delivery fees.

  • 10% off each visit
  • 10 per cent off wine offerings per fifth
  • Capable of making reservations when we first come during high seasons, sitting
  • Exclusive case invites
  • 10% off on non-wine club activities or workshops
  • 10% off online purchases
  • Discount in event renting room
  • Progressive offer on discount on wine bottles ‘to go.’

The Membership

They use your existing credit card with an expiry date available in the current year on each quarter’s shipping. Before any actual shipment, the credit card on the file would be billed. Any year that we are notified, you are automatically re-enrolled. A gift in memberships is only available for a year. You can opt to have your wine picked up, or they can mail it. The shipping of wine amounted to $20, and they only ship within the vicinity of Ohio.